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 #1762  by dwx1958
 Sat Jul 01, 2017 2:35 pm
If I play / you tube / radio etc from my Mac Pro, it plays back through ch 1 & 2 on my x32, these channels are viewable working through Protools 31 & 32 which is exactly what I am after.
However my recorded audio is coming from PT into the next few channels on the desk - but is not visable being routed to Ch 31 & 32 in Pro Tools!
If I press play while monitoring Protools 31 & 32 inputs, record enable - the signal dies!
is there a setting in PT 11.1.3 which could cause this?
I really don't understand how this is happening, so I still can't quite mix 'out of the box' Protools - x32 - Protools Ch 31 - 32