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 #1741  by Snowman666
 Mon Mar 13, 2017 6:45 pm
I recorded analog for years. I've been in professional studios, watched and asked questions. So, I'm not an idiot. But, I'm also in no way knowledgeable. As the questions I'm about to ask will prove.

I have Pro Tools 6 (I think), with the MBox. I own NO plugins with the exception of the ones that come with MBox (a single reverb, a single decent EQ).

My questions are these:

If I create "decent" tracks and give these tracks to a "Real" engineer/mixer could they create a Master quality mix from "decent" not perfect tracks? IMO a perfect track is recorded to the absolute max of perfection by a professional. I might be coming close, but I really don't know. My levels are not peaked or too low. But, I guess a pro would probably do it a little different than I do. Which is basically plug in, find a decent level and press record.

Here is a link to one of the demos, do these tracks sound like they could be EQ'd,effected, doubled and mixed into a master song? ... -at-me-now

I want to create an album that sounds Master and not Demo.

You might hate the song, and that's fine. But, it's the sound of the individual tracks I'm interested in. Yeah I know my voice sucks. My voice won't be on the final tracks.

One last question: Is the quality of the tracks on the MBox series as good as analog tracks from say the 60s - 80s? Major studios used the best of the best analog equipment, mics, amps... Is the MBox quality equal?

Strange questions I know. But, sometimes opinions on good and bad are wrong because of the material and not the quality.

THANK YOU in advance.