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 #625  by Aargl
 Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:32 am
I came here because of an old thread I wanted to answer, which is now closed... (sorry for the mates who won't read this!)
The owners of a Digidesign MBox2 audio interface will be happy, at last; no more DAE Error 743!
Avid finally released an update to the drivers a few months ago: ... -2-Drivers
It was a driver related issue: I've tried every possible cure found here and there, but the 10.3.3 driver was indeed the solution!
I'm running ProTools 8.0.5LE under 10.6.8 and 10.8.3, not a single error 743! I feel like having a new MBox2! Yeah!
 #1654  by farroyo
 Fri Jun 17, 2016 11:28 pm
Hi, thank you for your post !

I'm needing some more info, because I'm running with Protools 9 HD and a Mbox2 in Snow Leopard 10.6.8.

In the page ... -2-Drivers
doesn't talks about Protools 9.0 in the upgrade 10.3.3 driver.
Only Standalone support (Pro Tools 9 and later and other apps). ( I don't undertand exactly what's meaning)

I still have the DAE 743... 8^(
Someone installed the driver with my stuff and no problems in the way? Some more help?

Thank you, and sorry my bad english... :roll:
 #1656  by Aargl
 Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:58 am
Hi! I have briefly tried PT9 HD a long time ago and it was working fine with the 10.3.3 driver, from what I remember. ;)
From my trials, the DAE Error 743 is related to the driver, not to the version of PT, so you should not have more problems. :D
I've recently tried driver version 10.3.9 with PT8 and the error came back, so I'd advise you to stick to 10.3.3 if it works. The best thing is to try. ;)
Instead, in PT10, the 10.3.9 driver works better, I think.
So if you already installed the 10.3.3 driver and still have the error, you may try 10.3.9, as every system reacts differently... (it's really the good combination of MacOS/Driver/PT that works or not: once you find the good one, stick with it!)
If nothing works, I'd advise you to reinstall a clean MacOS , it's faster and safer to get rid of major problems instead of spending time cleaning prefs and so on...

FYI, I keep using PT8 along with the 10.3.3 driver on MacOS 10.9.5 and it's working perfectly (better than on MacOS 10.6.8! My Snow Leopard setup ended up giving me distortion and I couldn't find why... :o ).
Unfortunately, I believe the PT9 installer will refuse to install on MacOS 10.9.5. :|
Anyway, PT9 didn't offer a lot much, compared to PT8, that's why I happily stick to PT8. :)
Hope you'll manage to get rid of that dreadful error. :D
 #1657  by Aargl
 Tue Jun 21, 2016 3:11 am
P.S.: one last advice. It's better to have a dedicated disk or partition that you keep as clean as possible for using ProTools (and all your audio software), especially on MacOS 10.6, as other apps such as Mail can easily interact with PT.
The kind of machine you're using can also make the difference: try to change USB port, for example. It's better to have the MBox connected on its dedicated USB bus, if possible (my trackball is getting crazy if I put it on the same bus as PT!)
You can find what hardware is connected to what bus in the Apple Menu/About this Mac/More info/Hardware/USB.
This can make the difference! :roll:
 #1662  by farroyo
 Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:52 am
Hi all!

Problem seems to be solved, copying the sessions to a formatted 250 GB USB Disk. Seems that its better a little and old USB2 Disk, than a New and bigger 3T Thunderbolt HD with half of memory used. :shock:

Thank you very much for your Feedback and support! ;)

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