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 #1763  by BongoJohn
 Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:47 am
1. How can one utilize control surface layouts with templates in protools for expedient calling up of preset tracks (ie. drum tracks with certain plug-in and level configurations)? Are layouts global or per session?

2. Even though I mainly utilize the S3 control surface with a PC and love it, I was thinking of utilizing the 2nd connection for a 2nd workstation, my macbook pro, which has Cubase AI and Logic Pro X on it. Just wondering which program would the S3 be more compatible with? Also, in actuating on a 2nd workstation, will I need to get an additional license for the 2nd connection? Will it create any problems installing EU Control on my mac as well - will it conflict with the existing settings of my PC connection/updated firmware?

3. What is your recommendation for videos on-line that go in depth with the S3?

4. One quick question regarding commands in protools: If I want to slide regions vertically to other blank tracks, how can I do so without them sliding left or right to keep them in time/place in the session?

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