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 #1739  by PSMusic
 Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:16 am

I've just decided to try out some external hardware, and plumped for the FMR Audio RNLA.

I'm using PT 12 and a Roland Studio Capture, and have followed all the guidance I can find as follows:

- Out of channel 7-8 into L&R, out of compressor L&R back into 7-8 on interface
- Assign Insert 7-8 on track in software

I'm getting the processed signal, but if I mute the track I still have a version of the signal, over which I have no control at all.

Further to this, when I'm routing a mono signal, this unprocessed rogue signal only comes out of the left channel.

These problems are probably linked, and probably simple, but I've spent two days reading around this online to no avail!

HELP! (again)