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 #1708  by PTUG FaceBot
 Fri Nov 04, 2016 10:00 am
I'm running Protools version 9.0.6 with an MBox Pro on a MacBook Pro laptop, OS X. I bought it all together in Feb 2012, it that helps at all.

I'm trying to work on recording/mixing stuff, but keep having error messages come up. I don't understand why it's happening now, when I didn't used to get them, and I haven't changed anything really.

So i adjust the HW Buffer Size, and it may be ok for a minute or two, then i get the message again and there's nothing else on the firewire.. it's only plugging in the mbox Bob
and another thing that has started happening is i'll be recording, and suddenly the audio will cut out. I look in Audio/Midi Setup, and the Mbox Pro has disappeared as an audio device.

So I turn off and turn on the mbox, and it shows up again in audio devices list, and i can generally work a bit more before getting the error message again. Why is all this happening? I don't get it.. and i need to work on recording, but this is stopping me?

Basically it seems the Mbox Pro suddenly drops from being recognized as an audio device in the Audio/Midi Setup, and from being the Current Playback Engine in ProTools. Suddenly there's no audio and I have to restart the mbox .


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