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 #1361  by BBELAKES
 Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:41 am
Hi. I am a long term Protools user, but have always used it pretty much like a tape machine (not into editing beyond clean up or doubling tracks, etc..). I am transitioning into electronic music, to a point. Can anyone give me a clear explanation of how to create a drum track and then be able to sync an arpeggiator to it?
1. I don't wish to do anything complicated, I want to use the internal instruments (Boom, etc...) to stack basic patterns.
2. I want to use the internal sounds, creating my own arpeggiated lines that will sync with the drums.
3. I want to record midi data and the sound, which presumably will give me the flexibility to change the sound later, if need be.
I have my synth set up with protools as a controller. I understand how to find various sounds within the internal Protools instruments.
I am not so clear on stacking sections of drums/loop recording.
I know nothing about how to sync the internal synths to what drums I have laid down. ( I intend to lay very basic rhythms and merge with live drum tracks later). I have dabbled a bit; it seems that I need to create midi track, instrument track and audio track? How the tracks relate to one another in terms of bussing is unclear still. I appreciate any help!!!