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 #1304  by The Shed Studio
 Wed Dec 31, 2014 12:12 pm
Having a serious issue where I can record a track in a song but when trying to play it back I get really bad white noise or just nothing. (The bed tracks previously recorded play back ok. It's just new tracks)

The recorded waveform shows up in the edit screen. Also if I open the particular audio file in other software like iTunes, it plays back just fine.

Also if I copy the song file folder to another drive and open it up it plays fine. And will record and play back new tracks fine if I change the file allocation to record the tracks on the new drive.

After days of trouble shooting I'm thinking there is a read write issue with this drive. Anybody experience something like this before and is there a fix?

 #1305  by pettje
 Wed Dec 31, 2014 3:27 pm
What hardware are you using? Are you sure it's not just a bad output on your i/o? What happens if you recreate/rebuild the session? You may have session corruption. I've seen issues like this on TDM systems, they are usually caused by a bad chip on a card, but if you're not using an HD system, I'd recommend rebuilding the session first, maybe taking some plugins out or making them inactive.
 #1306  by The Shed Studio
 Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:08 am
I have 3 192's and PCIe Core and Accel cards. Have run digitest and all hardware checks out. Have rebuilt sessions, etc… still have the problem… unless I rebuild on an alternate drive.

Have tried multiple outputs, inputs, pre's, etc…. nothing changes…