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 #765  by RibDar
 Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:17 am
Hi all, I have a session I have been working on for a few days now, already saved three or four versions before, never had this problem: today I open it and the "missing audio files" window pops up. I click "automatic" because I have not moved the files and because it has worked for me before when files are not that many, but not today. So then I try manually and even though I select the exact folder where the audio files are, PT still does not find/see them. Then I copy the folder to a different drive, just to try out, still PT does not see the files. Any tips?
 #947  by BASSLIK
 Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:30 pm
Try letting it relink itself, go to dinner and come back. I happened to me and I left the computer run for around 6 hours until it located all the files. It will find it eventually
 #1100  by Tim
 Sat May 03, 2014 9:05 am
I had this before when I messed with regions. I am not quite sure what I did but somehow it resulted in the loss of some regions and the error message you mention appeared from then on each time I opened that particular session.