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 #719  by pacmult
 Sun Oct 20, 2013 6:38 pm
Pro Tools HD 9 and WD My Book 3 TB Firewire 800 problem

MOTU Traveler I/O

Mac Pro OSX 10.6.8 2x2.8 GHZ Quad Core Intel Duo 6 GB 800 MHZ DDR2

PT records and pays back fine on my USB drives.

Records on FW drive (Mac OS extended journaled) and plays back only full wave white noise. Waveform file is fine, audio file plays fine by any other audio apps.

Audio files recorded by other apps to FW drive play fine with PT from the FW drive. Only PT created audio files are white noise, and only when played back from the FW drive.

Audio files recorded by PT to USB drives play back fine, when dragged to FW drive, again only playback white noise, although waveform file is fine, and audio file plays fine in any other app (QT, Bias Peak…)

To sum it up, having tested various options, my Pro Tools HD 9 cannot play back audio files recorded by Pro Tools from my WD Firewire My Book (white noise only), regardless of which drive, or type of drive Pro Tools originally recorded it on, although all files are playable by other audio apps.
 #720  by pettje
 Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:21 pm
Sorry to hear about your troubles. Did you reformat the drive before you started using it with protools? I could be wrong, but most WD drives may come formatted as MS Dos and thus are not suited for protools use. I recall having a similar situation with an internal drive. Wave forms would look just fine, but playback would be white noise. MyBook WD is a drive I would avoid using at all IMHO. They are very unreliable. Nonetheless, you should be able to use the drive. I would reformat the drive as Mac OSX extended, journaled on.