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 #1773  by tswisscheese
 Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:51 am
Self-made recording and mixing engineer (hobbyist) for about 7 years. I have had Pro Tools 9 for about five or six. I've ran it on three different machines and have had fits on every single one of them, including a custom tower I had built.

Problems with this software have been too numerous to count, honestly. I don't know enough about software and cpu loads and stuff like that to actually fix the errors I'm having myself, so I've resorted to paid support. Every time I have trouble with PT9, though, it's a totally unrelated issue to the last time so I'm literally being nickeled and dimed to death by AVID. And unfortunately, I don't have the time or patience to become a software engineer so I can remedy the problems I'm having. I'm also getting to the point where anytime I call support, they automatically tell me that they may not be able to get it working because PT9 is untested with Windows 10. Which I know is not the problem because I can open it on any other day and it will perform just fine on my machine.

My latest hang-up is a CPU problem. I will record a multitrack mix and before I ever put any plugins on it, I get the error message that I'm running out of CPU power. It advises me to take some plugins out and raise the usage limit, which I have zero plugins and my limit is already at 95%. There is no elastic audio, and I have a very low buffer size. I have done everything in my power to optimize the performance, but no matter what I keep having clicks, pops, and skips, delaying my performance and having to go back and edit it back to fit. The kicker is everything in my mix was working beautifully yesterday and I've made no changes. It's like Pro Tools has moods, and some days it just refuses to work with me. It's extremely frustrating! I've had to cancel TWO clients in the last month because they would arrive, and despite checking things beforehand, my rig would suddenly decide it doesn't want to work with me today. At all.

Honestly, there have been numerous more issues that I don't have the time to get into. The above paragraph was just today's ordeal.

After 6 years of fighting my recording software, I'm considering moving over to something I'm hoping will be drama-free like Cubase perhaps, or Logic. Something that doesn't make me feel like I'm working with a moody preteen girl. Does anyone else have experience with other recording softwares that do every bit of what Pro Tools does?

I may be rambling here, but it sure is a shame that AVID charges $600 for their software and an additional $45 EVERY SINGLE time you call and need help. So I'm left with three options: go broke asking for help from the manufacturer, become a software engineer so I don't have to rely on anyone for help, or switch programs.
 #1775  by raycmusic
 Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:10 am
You should have some other unrelated app running on the background for sure like windows update or something similar
When that happen hit Ctrl alt delete that will take you to the task manager and will let you know the apps are running at the moment also I remember long time ago I had the same problem with a pc with hyper threading activated


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