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 #1729  by rbsalyer
 Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:15 pm
protools 9.0 maudio fast track pro

I replaced my defective iMac with one that works really well...about the same vintage...i had to upgrade to a newer mac osx...I couldn't upgrade to 12 because of computer hardware issues, but was able to upgrade to 10.10.6.....

when i got the new (to me) iMac, I used the migration assistant to transfer all the files and apps from the old one to the newer one...

the problem is that when I try to get open protools, I get a "no connection, check your cables, box....

tried a couple of different cables...same thing. Then I system, maybe have to upgrade to new found the driver and sucessfully dowloaded and installed the latest driver....

no change...

any one have any ideas?


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