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 #1786  by dvdr
 Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:52 am
I am in the middle of creating a new system and I'm on a budget of around 1200 Euro.
High CPU speed is more important to me than a super-huge amount of cores.
Using present hardware like SSD, dvd-drive and Nvidia NVS510 graphic card, these can be left out of the equation. I'm coming from an i7-3770, that is not sufficient anymore.

How do you rate this - I can get it used and in good condition, and it fits my budget:

HP Z820v2 WS incl. 4 SSD Caddies
2x E5-2667v2 CPUs
2x HP Liquid Cooling
64GB RAM 8x8GB 14900R 1866MHz RAM from Hynix
Win10Pro incl. HP drivers preinstalled on a small SSD

I know, that it's "older" hardware, but considering the price, how far would it get me with PT 12.8.3 native?

Any thoughts or suggestions

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